Barry Weir Explains Park Homes Jargon

The design and approach of Barry Weir park homes are unique and have helped Barry Weir’s park homes brand. Barry Weir park homes were developed like apartments. They have communal roads and staircases. However, each park home is registered as an individual unit.

Because of his success in the park homes industry in the UK, Barry Weir has become a leading authority on park homes and the Mobile Homes Act of 2013. To help spread his knowledge of park homes, Barry Weir is here to explain some commonly used park homes jargon.

Agreement – A license to park a mobile home on a site that lays out fees and other terms.

Assignment – When a property transfers the rights of that property to another.

Beneficiary – The person who receives property under a will, trust or intestacy.

Buyers Information Form – A mandatory form completed by a seller of a park home.

Chattels – The personal belongings inside of a park home such as furniture, art, antiques, jewelry and watches. A park home itself is also a chattel.

Express terms – Terms that are specifically mentioned and agreed upon by both parties at the time the contract or agreement is made.

Implied terms – The terms of a contract or agreement by which law is included, whether they are mentioned in the contract or not.

Intestacy – The term for the estate of a person who dies without having made a legally valid will.

Mobile home – A home with a caravan design that is adapted for living and capable of being moved.

Park home – A commonly used term for a mobile home (caravan) on a protected site (definition below) within the meaning of the Mobile Homes Act.

Pitch fee – The amount of money a park home occupier is required to pay under their agreement to station a mobile home on a pitch and to use the communal areas. It may be paid monthly, yearly or quarterly.

Protected site – A park home site that must be licensed by the local authority.

Sale blocking – A criminal offense of intentionally or recklessly making a statement to prevent an occupier from selling their park home.

Site rule – The rules applying to the site. They are typically incorporated into the agreement.

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