When it comes to making a difference, Barry Weir knows a thing or two about that. As a retired English businessman who earned his wealth in the mobile homes industry, Barry Weir has enjoyed an exciting, successful, and fulfilling life and career.

Barry Weir’s impact has been felt in the mobile homes industry for years. One of his most notable accomplishments within this field is his involvement in Britain’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013. Barry Weird has become a leading authority on this legislation and he continues to offer consultation and advice on it.

The law went into effect April 1, 2014, and Barry Weir eased the minds of many mobile home park site owners by stating that the Mobile Homes Act would not affect them very much at all because most park sites are operated by experienced and fair business people.

Barry Weir’s impressive acts extend well beyond the mobile homes industry. His natural instincts have also helped him save a life. In February 2010, Barry and his wife were walking along the beach when he saw a man fully dressed in a black suit playing in the surf. But Barry quickly realized that the man was not playing and was likely in trouble. So Barry immediately used his cell phone to call the coastguard. But when he saw the man roll over in the surf and lie face down, Barry Weir rushed over to save him, something he said he never even thought twice about.

“It was just second nature, really,” Weir said.

Barry Weir has also turned one of his deepest passions into a way to inform and help others. His passion for classic motor cars led Barry Weir to participate in an around-the-world road rally in 2000. The many great experiences and the knowledge he gained on that trip helped him write a book titled “Driving Ambition: An Adventure of a Lifetime.” This book is written as a memoir of Barry’s amazing journey around the world. It includes many great insights and tips that could come in handy for other classic motor car enthusiasts.

Barry Weir’s incredible impact on the world is likely not finished. In his late thirties, he went to a Spiritual Church just out of curiosity. While he sat there listening to a medium speak, he became skeptical and decided to leave. But as he stood up, the medium pointed to Barry Weir and said, “I have a message for you. In time, you will understand what life is about.”